10 minutes ago I was fine

Isn’t it crazy how fast you can go from a “normal” moment just doing a normal thing to pure chaos?

As of 10 minutes ago I was laying on my toddler’s bedroom floor, Face timing my husband (per usual after the boys wake up from nap) looking up at my 10 month old who was crawling on my belly.  Then… I heard it… “momma pee pee!”  I jump up run to the hall and yell “get to the potty!” But little did I know I was too late-as in two turds on the hardwood floor late.

I keep my cool.  At certain moments I picture myself as a child and knowing the feeling that I might have done something wrong, I know that we are just starting potty training and he didn’t understand that squatting on the floor to poo, like he always does would result in a different outcome with no diaper on.

So, I carefully put him on the potty and precede to pick up the poo and clean the floor.  As I am cleaning the poo the 10 month old is now trying to play in the poop that is still on the toddler.  I am now holding the baby, trying to get the toddler off the potty, trying to sit the baby down so I can try and wipe the poo off the toddler.

annnnndddd then,

the baby who hates when I walk out of any room for any reason is now screaming.  My toddler has now repeated “snack momma, snack momma,” at what I can only assume is a world recording breaking amount of times with no end in sight and I’m crying.

10 minutes ago I was laying on the floor completely fine and now I am crying.

It took one moment to go from okay to “what the shit (pun intended) is happening? I don’t know anything about potty training and why in the hell is that baby STILL screaming at me for NO REASON!!!”

I sat down to write this while the emotion was raw and still there because this is the real stuff.

This is motherhood.  The fleeting moments of normal to the chaos of shit on the floor- in the blink of an eye.

Now the moment has jumped again and I am writing this post and eating cottage cheese, the boys are semi quiet and it’s as though nothing happened…





Drop a chaotic moment below 🙂

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  1. I love you. Thank you for being so raw and open.

    Also, potty training is the worst and I’m dreading it with Kylar. He literally couldn’t be less interested…

    You’re doing great, Momma!

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