3 Easy Steps to Have a Fit Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a hard topic.  Every mom to be has their own picture of what pregnancy will look and feel like but they also have an idea of how they want to experience it.

With my first I had the mind set of magical belly rubs from family, eating whatever I wanted (because I had earned it), glowing, just all of the stuff you hear about pregnancy.  Well, after the half way point I started to regret some of that mind set.

You see I didn’t gain a ton of weight in my first trimester and everyone commented on it.

“You don’t even look pregnant.”, “When are you going to start showing?” and”Eat whatever you want, you’re pregnant.”

The list went on!  And after a terrible battle with infertility all I wanted was to look pregnant!  So I ate.  I also convinced myself that being a teacher and the walking I did at work was enough exercise.  BOY WAS I WRONG!

Fitness is Everything

Before I touch on anything I want to stress this, fitness is everything when you are pregnant!  You need strength for every aspect of growing that tiny human.  From start to finish you will never regret having the extra energy, muscle or strength.

As I mentioned above in my story of my first, I did not work out.  I didn’t even take the time to fit in a walk.  When we saw that positive with number 2 I already knew what I wanted this pregnancy to look like.  I wanted to feel better, look better and have the strength throughout pregnancy and in labor.  I wanted a fit pregnancy.  I wanted to make fitness apart of the journey this time around.

I had no idea how much of a difference this choice was going to make for my pregnancy, body, baby and my overall well being.  It really is everything.

But… (insert struggle here)

If I have to guess some of you are now thinking of the “BUT.” You are reading this and thinking of all the reasons this post isn’t for you and there are so many of them aren’t there:

Mama, I get it!

It’s not a walk in the park everyday.  I’m not going to lie to you.  It’s hard!  But stay with me, keep reading you can do this!  You can overcome all the ‘buts,’ and have a strong pregnancy.  I am an average mama, who had no real fitness background, if I can do this, You Can!

Getting Started

I am going to share with you what worked for me.  I hope that this will work for some of you as well.  I want to start out by saying, this is not an ad.  I am going to share with you the program I used but I want you to know there are so many workouts that would also work, this is just what worked for me.

When I first found out that I was pregnant I stumbled upon a pin on Pintrest for a pregnancy workout.  When I clicked it, it lead me to a 14 day FREE trial of a program you could buy.  Well I am a stay at home mom and we pinch pennies some weeks, free is my language.  So I downloaded the workout and committed to doing it each day.

The workouts were simple, 20 minutes long on the harder ones.  They were also super flexible.  You could do 2-4 rounds of the move based on your fitness level and the amount of time you had.

What I learned in those 14 days was this, I could do this.

  • 20 minutes a day wasn’t hard.
  • Owning one pair of dumbbells wasn’t hard.
  • Feeling better afterwards definitely wasn’t hard.

Getting started was easy.  So take that first step, find a program and start.

How to Stay Fit in Pregnancy in 3 Steps

Sticking with anything can be hard without a plan and if you want to make fitness apart of your pregnancy it has to be intentional.  Follow these simple steps:

1. Have a Plan

2. Make a schedule

3. Stick with it

Simple enough.  Too simple you say, Nope!  Like Nike says “Just Do IT!”

1. Have a Plan

I suggest working with a program that doesn’t involve a lot of equipment and is easy to follow. The program I do requires lighter dumbbells, a yoga ball and a heavier set of dumbbells for later in the program. 

These are the two purchases I made and it was cheap and easy. I never workout more than 40 mins during the program I’m on and there is a schedule to follow that’s flexible.  I have a spot for my few items and I download my workouts on my phone so everything is easy peasy when it comes time.

2. Make a Schedule

This step is HUGE!  Especially if you are already a mom to a toddler or you work. Make. A. Schedule.  We can make time for almost anything but make excuses for fitness.  Fitness should be priority one. Make a simple schedule and find someone to hold you accountable.  Here is mine.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout 1-3 resistance based
  • Tuesday, Thursday : cardio (a long walk if weather is nice or a quick cardio from 14 day trial)
  • Saturday” Make up day (things happen, make time for any you missed)

Each workout is about 20-30 mins.  I usually do mine at night, with my toddler watching haha.

3. Stick with it

Once you find a pregnancy fitness program, find support. Once I joined Fit Mom-To Be, I found out they have an awesome Facebook group where moms post their successes and struggles.  Even if you don’t know anyone else pregnant you can find support.  Finding accountability will help you stick with it. 

Being a mom is hard, being pregnant is hard and if you are trying to do both it can seem impossible.  It’s not.  Just take it day by day. Sticking with it doesn’t mean being ‘perfect.’  Sticking with it means making the time to do what you can!

  • If you exhausted get up, get dressed and make it through the first round.  Often times this is all I need to make it through the rest of the workout.
  • If you’re busy, make the time for 2 rounds instead of 4.

You can be flexible and still be successful.  The key is to stick with it.  Don’t make excuses, make it a priority.

Mama, I promise this will be something you are so proud of.  Those 20-30 minutes have become something I take so much pride in, it’s something I find joy in and is something I want all mamas to feel.  You’ve got this!!

Did you workout while you were pregnant?  I would love to hear about your journey, comment below!


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  1. I love all your suggestions to get thru the struggle and road blocks! Crushin it, girl!

    1. lenabiggs says:

      Aw thank you! 💛

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