Becoming a Mom For the First Time: Killian Jasper’s Birth Story {with photos}

Like Most Moms Do

I was counting down the days like most moms do.  I was also frustrated after each appointment that I had no ‘progress,’ like most first time moms do. I had planned to labor naturally but I also was open to inventions if that is what I needed. The day leading up to Killian’s birth were NOTHING like I thought they would be.  AS IF it ever is for first time moms.

The weeks leading up to becoming a mommy were hard.  Each night around 1 am I would have false labor for about 2 hours.  It would start with a few small contractions and then they would progress into very strong, painful ones.  They were never in a pattern and never got closer than 6 minutes apart.

Every night for 3 weeks this was how it went.  I would end up in a warm bath with my sweet husband falling asleep in the bathroom floor until the contractions would cease and I would get some rest.

I was mentally exhausted hoping each night that our baby was on the way.

Waiting. . .

Until one night the contractions didn’t stop.  We were up all night, Alex called off work and that morning was spent on a medicine ball, with a popsicle waiting till baby was ready.

9:00 am: While sitting on the medicine ball I realized that the blanket I was sitting on was getting damp.  I went to the restroom and it looked like I had peed my pants.  I called my doctor and she suggested I come in so they could see if it was fluid or not.

A quick visit to the doctor later they said it was NOT my water breaking… (insert doubt here)

The difference between pads and panty liners..

12:00 pm: So, we went for lunch.  While, sitting at lunch I continued to leak “not fluid.”  When we were finished with lunch we decided to go looking for patio furniture.  I had asked my husband a few days before if we could get a patio set for the front porch.

1:00 ish: We found ourselves at Big Lots hoping they would have cheap patio furniture.  We walked to the first isle and it felt like I peed myself.  My water had 100% broke. Standing in the clothing isle I quickly bought some boxers and asked my husband to grab some pads and I headed to the bathroom to change.  My friend Laura was with us and was standing at the bathroom door waiting for my husband to throw her the pads so I could finish up.

He throws her a pack of pads… that weren’t pads they were panty liners (haha) so I layered those puppies in the boxers and tried to dry my pants under the hand dryer so we could make it back home (absolutely no shame in my game).  All mind you while having mild to strong contractions.

Let’s have this baby

3:00 pm: We got the green light to head to the hospital.  They put me in triage in L&D.  I had indeed lost my water and was ready to be sent to a room. I was still only sitting around 2 cm so we knew it would be a little while. 

7:00 pm: No progress.  I was so discouraged.  I was still having light contractions but nothing too painful.  They decided they would use a pill to help my cervix along.

9:00-10:00 pm: I would say contractions started to pick up intensity. We were in the room we would be in for the night.  I quickly realized all the things I brought to use from music to techniques were going out the window.

Back labor.. what’s that?  You don’t want to know.

10:00 pm- 2:30 am: In this window of time I learned what back labor was and honestly thought I was dying. We never got a remote for our TV so Alex and I sat in a dark room while he held my hand.  He watched the monitor and would help me through a contraction “It’s almost over babe, you got this.”

I was in the most pain I had ever been.  My darling husband then started telling me stories through each contractions.  Funny memories I may have forgotten about over the years to help me through the pain.

2:30 am: I threw up from the pain.  Alex looked just about as scared as I felt.  We decided it was time for the epidural.  He grabbed a nurse and they all helped me sit up to get the epidural.  I felt so lucky to be at a hospital where they could adjust my dosage.  (I am absolutely terrified of being completely numb). At this point I was told I was 4 almost 5 cm.  The doctor was confident that once my body could relax I would make some progress. I called my photographer/doula and said we weren’t very far along and that I was “fine.” (I thought I was so strong and that I didn’t need any help.  Don’t do that first time mommies asking for help doesn’t make you weak I promise).

3:30 am ish: She was correct in less than an hour I went from 5 cm to 10 cm. Nurses and doctor were checking on us more frequently and checking to see how baby was doing.

The almost accurate account of the rest of the story

(this is where I might be blurry on details)

5:00 am ?: Somewhere in this time frame nurses started setting up the room. I called my birth photographer and we started to prepare to become parents.

6:00 am: The doctor tells me that it’s time to start pushing.  Which, at this point I was totally fine with because I could feel baby low and I wanted to meet them so bad.  I was also a lot more relaxed at this point.  The doctor ask if I could give her to the count of three for a push.  I said ” I can give you 4.” We didn’t know the sex of baby and with each push I wanted to give it all I had to find out (if you haven’t already read here why we decided not to find out the gender).

I pushed for about an hour.  Alex by my side.  Talking about how we got to this point in our lives.  How we had waited for this moment for so long.

After the fact our wonderful photographer quoted me in this photograph saying “Did you ever imagine you’d be having a baby with your prom date?” (so lucky to have Stacey there to recall what we wouldn’t remember later on).

One more push after that and HE was here.

7:03 am May 2, 2017:

Killian Jasper Biggs

6 lbs 12oz -20 inches long was born making me a mommy and Alex a daddy. After almost two years of waiting, crying, injections and so much doubt we had our tiny human we had longed for.

And then, all the mushy stuff

After, he was born he latched on like a champ. Alex got to do skin to skin and loved every second of it. My heart melts every time I see this photo.Then our families practically knocked down the door trying to find out if the new member of our family was a girl or a boy.  Here were some of the reactions we got.

So much of his birth story is crazy.  As a first time mom I had no idea how it would go and I definitely didn’t except this to be our story.  BUT it is and I love every moment of it.

Did your baby’s birth go “as planned,” or do you have a wonderful crazy story to tell?  Drop me a link below to your birth story or tell me about it here.  I would love to hear all about it!!

{Beautiful photography by Cincy Birth Stories }

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  1. Holy crap, woman. I’m in tears. That is a BEAUTIFUL story. Alex is the freaking sweetest man.

    Also, drying your pants in the bathroom?! Freaking brilliant. #problemSOLVED.

    1. lenabiggs says:

      Aw I’m so glad you liked it. And yeah there were lots of humbling moments in those 48 hours 😂

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