#Blessed or #Hotmess


I like a good hashtag like the next person but these two are really haunting my mind these days.

It seems like as moms you either fall into the category of blessed OR a hot mess.

Everything I put out for the world to read or see, whether on Instagram OR just in conversation I always fear coming off as these things. Bad days far (and I mean FARRRR) out weigh the good right now sharing those feelings day in and day out makes me feel like  #hotmess.  But on the flip side sharing the small amount of good instead seems fake to me.  Only sharing the smiles, hugs and cuteness isn’t real.  I am #blessed but that’s not how I feel all the time (just  being honest).

Being a mom is hard, I think we can all agree on that.  We’re encouraged to share what we are feeling but then these labels are put on us.  You don’t want to appear all sunshine and rainbows.  Most people (especially moms) won’t relate to this.  But the other side of the coin is just as judgy.

Having a bad day, bad week, hell.. raise your hand if you feel like it’s been a bad month… Want to share those feelings?  Well, make sure you do it just right or you’ll come off as a #hotmess.  A mom who isn’t grateful.. ‘ugh, doesn’t she know how blessed she is?’ Uh yes! Barbara I do know how blessed I am to have these precious turds but that doesn’t mean I like them today!

You don’t have to be sunshine OR rain clouds.  Being a mom is both and often at the same time.  The longer I am in this game called motherhood the less shit I try to give on what people think.  Key word ‘TRY.’  It’s hard especially now a days.  Everyone has an idea of what you should be doing and not doing. No one is going to agree with you 100% and that is hard for a new mom or any mom.

#blessed and #hotmess both have a place in your motherhood, your Instagram and in your conversations.  The fear of being labeled shouldn’t hold you back from sharing your story.  Motherhood is so hard.  I don’t care how much a natural Carol from PTA seems to be at everything mom– I promise even she has cried over a candy bar while hiding from her crying children.

Being a mom is hard.  It’s a hotmess, beautiful, blessed, crap storm of a ride so make sure to share it.  Share it because you never know who is going to relate to you.  Stacey hiding in the kitchen stuffing her face with a cupcake while her toddler throws a fit will appreciate your post about how your kids are also being turds today. She might also love to see a sunshine moment to help her remember she does in fact love that screaming child pounding on the door in the other room, even if she doesn’t like them right now.

Someone is ALWAYS going to have a problem with how you share your story, always,  But don’t worry about those mom trolls.  Share your story all the #blessed ,#hotmess and in between moments.

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