But can you hustle harder

Okay so if you don’t know by now I have a small obsession with The Armchair expert Dax Shepard’s podcast (if you haven’t listened to it then leave this post and GO, listen now). And although it is not about motherhood I find myself applying so much that is discussed to my journey through motherhood.

In the latest episode they were speaking with a sport psychologist (I know I had never heard of one either…) he said a phrase and I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! Here it is:

“I am so exhausted by the hustle harder movement… people think they need to do more to BE more.”


How many times a day do you scroll Instagram and see a Hustle Harder quote or work harder… every. single. day. I would guess, because I do. And I won’t lie, at first it pumped me up.  Hell yeah let’s get it done!  Let’s work hard, do all the things, pile as much as we can into 24 hours and brag about how much we accomplished.

But why?  Why, why, why?  whyyyy do we feel like we need to be running ourselves raged to be worth something?

He continues on to say we live by this mentality that,

“Someone else is working so you better be too”

I mean guilty as charged.  If Suzie can

  • stay home
  • get the laundry done
  • go to the park solo with 9 kids
  • make pie from scratch
  • have the perfect marrige
  • get herself dressed to the 9’s every day

then I better be doing it too.

(also, quick sorry to any suzie out there reading this.  It’s just the name that pops into my head when I think of a mom who does it all).

It bugs me so much because I know I do it. I hustle hard. I workout, blog, mom, do all the things all the time- why? Because I do feel like doing more makes me more somehow.

But I also know it’s bullshit. I think that’s why it’s been weighing on me since I heard it. As moms I would assume most of us feel this way. I believe staying at home without a “job,” or going to work and being away from our children has made us feel like we have ground to make up.

Well we don’t!

I say we try to hustle less and brag about that.

Get on the ground in our pjs with our babies and brag about that.

Lay around belly laughing over pizza with our spouse and brag about that.

Hustle to hustle less, my new motto