Easy Elf on the Shelf: Calendar included

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It is the year. The year we introduce our oldest to the Elf on the Shelf.  With it being our first year with this tradition I wanted to make it fun but also easy for me to keep up with.  I also wanted to keep it simple enough that I wouldn’t have to buy a bunch of supplies.

All of this lead to the:

Calendar of too easy Elf on the Shelf ideas

So here is the break down for each day.  Since this is our first year I don’t have photos to go with these but I will give a brief description for each day.

Before you begin there are a few items that you could buy ahead of time to make things easier.  IF you don’t wanna buy anything at all I tried to add alternatives for each item to make things easier.

To buy

  • new coloring book/Christmas printables
  • candy canes
  • food coloring
  • marshmallows
  • Christmas bows (the cheap bag of sticky ones)
  • Hershey kisses
  • Tiny fairy lights
  • streamers
  • Christmas movie & snacks
  • you don’t have to buy this but- save TP and paper towels tubes
  • Pompoms or tiny bouncy balls (if you don’t have any)

December 1- Arrival

Your elf has to arrive in a big way.  I don’t know about you but my kiddo loves getting the mail.  So, for the arrival our elf will be in a box on the porch for Killian to find. In the box the elf will be there with a note explaining he is from the north pole, that he needs a name.  (If this is NOT your first name then your elf probably already has a name) and that he will be around till Christmas to spread Christmas spirit and watch them for Santa.

December 2- Snowmen donuts

Have your elf bring donuts snowmen for breakfast.  The cheap powered ones are the best.  Add some tiny chocolate chips or M&M’s to decorate them.

December 3- Snow angel 

Super simple but so so cute- shake some powered sugar, flour, sprinkle or whatever you have on hand and have your elf make a snow angel!

December 4- Reading buddies

Before your little one goes to bed snag a few of their favorite stuffed animals or action figures.  Set them up around your elf and put a book in his/her hand.  Your little will wake up to a cute read aloud scene with all their favorite toys.

December 5- Let’s color!

Have your elf bring a new coloring book or coloring pages and crayons for a morning of coloring fun!

December 6- Tp’d bathroom

Okay, so I didn’t include too many mischievous ones because honestly I wanted our elf to be more fun and cute than a menace but this one is innocent enough.  Place your elf in the bathroom and throw a little TP around.  Get creative and have the elf on the shower or on a stack of toilet paper.

December 7- Zip line

Use a little string, twine, floss whatever you have plus a candy cane and tape to make your elf zip line across the room.

December 8- Mr/Ms. fix it

Whether a barbie car, a monster truck or a Tonka truck put your elf to work.  Grab a few small tools and place them under a car as if they are fixing it.

December 9- Grab a bite

Set your elf up eating a nice piece of fruit first thing in the morning.  My boys always ask for bananas so I will be setting our elf there so they will notice first thing.

December 10 – Sleep over

Use a few mismatched socks (I know, know who has those just laying around), a few other loyal toy buddies nad of course your elf.  Place them in the socks to make little sleeping bags for a elf sleepover.

December 11- Bath time

Now you could put the elf in the bath if you have a little float or you could place them on the edge with some bubble bath in hand.  Whatever you have on hand or time for.

December 12- Magic milk

My little knows he can grab his milk cup from the fridge so I’ll be hiding elf on the gallon of milk and my littles milk will be colored green BUT just like all the other ones above make it simple for you!  If you have green food coloring do green, if you have strawberry syrup make pink milk.  Just add a little something to make it Elf Milk.

December 13- Elf gets ripped

Let your elf get their sweat on.  It take a tooth pick and two marshmallows to help your elf meet their fitness goals.  Place the weight beside them or lay them down and place the weight in the chest press position.

December 14- Tiny pancakes

I put this on the calendar on a weekend to make it a bit easier. We make pancakes on Saturday or Sunday fairly often so this won’t be too hard for us.  But grab a pan or griddle, mix up some batter and make little drop size pancakes.  Stack them a few high for elf and then let the kiddos eat breakfast with their magical friend.

December 15- Rock climbing

On the calendar for today it’s rock climbing.  Find a bare wall, some sticky Christmas bows and place them staggered up the wall.  Place your elf in a climbing position so it looks like he/she is climbing up the wall. Gummy bears. candy, cotton balls anything you can tape to the wall would work just fine.

December 16- Potty time

One Hershey kiss place in the toilet with elf doing his/her business and you’ll have a morning of conversation I’m sure of it.  Place the candy up on the bowl a bit so it doesn’t dissolve and have your little find elf in the morning.  Also, a great potty lesson if you are potty training like we are right now.

December 17- All tangled up

Take some tiny fairy lights like these or use lights you have at home and wrap the elf so it appears that they got tangled up while trying to cause a little trouble.  If you don’t have light you could easily use ribbon.

December 18-  Breakfast club

Grab some cereal, and a gallon of milk set your elf up with a bowl and a straw to drink his milk with.  Let the kiddos eat breakfast with their pal.

December 19- Netflix and elf

Put your elf on the couch add little popcorn (or snacks), a remote, your kids favorite show and boom Netflix and elf. You could even add a few stuffed animals or dolls to watch with the elf.

December 20- Block tower

We almost all have blocks at home so this one is easy but fun. Build a tall tower and place your elf either on top or at the base.   You could also build a giant thrown or anything at all courtesy of your elf.

December 21- Activity time

I put this toward the end of the calendar so you could save up for it.  My kids love little sensory activities and this one is so cheap and easy. Up until this day save some TP and paper towel rolls.  Then for this day you will tape them to the wall in a maze so your little ones can drop marbles, pompoms or whatever through the tubes.

December 22- The final count down

Grab a roll of TP, a chalk board or some candy and leave your little a note that it’s 2 sleeps till Christmas Day.

December 23- Almost time

Elf hangs streamers from the kids door way.  Have elf placed near by to claim responsibility for the prank.

December 24- Christmas Eve

Time to celebrate.  Grab a few movie snacks and have your elf bring a Christmas movie to enjoy before the big day.  I love the idea of watching Elf the movie but any holiday movie will do.

December 25- Christmas Day

It’s sad but elf has to return to the north pole. You’ll need spray snow OR powered sugar.  With the spray snow you can leave an elf outline and a goodbye message on the door as if they ran right through the door.  With the sugar you could lave footprints on the floor with a message.


And there you have it.  This is my first year and these are the easiest ones that I have seen in years pass. We can do this moms (and dads) it’s the final count down to Christmas.  May the odds be in your favor!

I hope you enjoy!


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