Help wanted

The amount of things that need to be done around our house is in real! It never stops. One thing in particular that’s rough to keep up with is the yard. With my husband working evenings that only leaves mornings to do yard work.. yuck!

So, the flood of 2019 has been upon us for a week. Freaking non stop rain! The radar said no rain today and I knew today was our chance.

The only problem it was 1pm when I realized this… uh I haven’t mastered cutting the yard solo with both littles.

Help wanted

There is this shame I feel asking for help. I’m not sure where it stems from- pride maybe but I struggle with it. Picking up the phone to call my in laws for help was hard.

Why?! Why is it hard for us moms to ask for help. I was thinking about it as I was getting ready to post on my Instagram a picture of my FIL and I after we tackled the yard. Why does asking for help make us (me mostly but I assume some of you as well, if you don’t feel this way message me so we can talk about how to get on your level) feel like crap?!

I picture a scenario where I’m at a normal job struggling. Would I ask for help? Absolutely! There is virtually no jobs that don’t require team work/ assistance.

And fuck if this job isn’t a million times harder most days! So why in the hell do I feel so ashamed for needing a hand once in a while?

For me as I said it’s pride- probably 50% pride and 50% feeling inadequate.

Asking for help makes me feel less. It shouldn’t but it does. I would give any mom the advice to ask for help but I rarely do it myself. All that makes me feel like an imposter but it’s the way it is.

I’m stubborn. I’d rather run myself into the ground then admit defeat. Which it totally isn’t. Asking for 2 hours of help doesn’t make me less but damn it FEELS THAT WAY!

Either way, I made the call. They of course said yes with no questions, the yard got cut and it didn’t make me any less of a mom.

But you better believe I’ll go through this whole damn process again when I need help. I’m a repeat offender who will never learn her lesson.

Are you team prideful or team this shit is hard I can ask for help?

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