Meal Prepping for Kids

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It’s everywhere Pinterest, Facebook, every health company’s website, Instagram- meal prepping!

It seems the cool new thing to do and not to be “too hipster,” but I’ve been meal prepping in one way or another for years. If you have never meal prepped that’s okay!!  You can meal prep for just your kids to make your life easier or if you do meal prep for yourself maybe consider prepping for them as well.  Trust me it’s A GAME CHANGER!

What is meal prepping?

If you already meal prep, keep on scrolling.  If you have never meal prepped before, hang out for a second and let me explain.  Okay, meal prepping is making large batches of food that are ready to grab and eat or grab and reheat.

In my house we do the same breakfast, same lunch and same dinner Monday-Saturday.  So, on Sunday (occasionally on Monday) my husband and I will spend a few hours essentially cooking for the whole week but in one day. We chop, bake, grill, separate and plate up whatever we can for the week ahead using these containers.





You might be thinking:

  • Ew, the same meal everyday..
  • A few HOURS! I don’t have that kind of time
  • What do I cook?
  • This sounds like a lot of work..

All of those things are valid but once you start to do it, you won’t go back. But in this post I am going to concentrate on meal prepping for the Tiny People.

Why would you need to meal prep for kids?

Why wouldn’t you!  Seriously, it saves so much time. Whether you are a SAHM with toddlers and babies or a mom to school aged kids this is for you.

  • It makes life easier
  • helps little ones eat healthier
  • is cheaper than eating out when in a pinch
  • cuts down on the morning stress of breakfast
  • cuts the stress of wondering what the kids will pack for lunch each day
  • makes dinner more enjoyable
  • makes sticking to a grocery budget easier
  • it looks pretty in the fridge (that’s totally a good reason)!

Where to start?

Starting is the hardest part of anything but I am going to try to make it as simple as I can for you.


First, you need to figure out what meal you are going to eat through the week.

I mentioned above my family eats the same thing for each meal and snack all week.  The following week we will change the menu and do new foods. So it looks something like this:

Once you figure out the menu you need to figure out the quantity of each thing you will need from the store. This is the part that may take some monitoring and adjusting the first couple of times.


Go to the grocery and buy in bulk whatever items you have planned for the week.


And we have finally arrived at the point of the post!

On Sunday (or whatever night works for you) you are going to:

  • cook
  • wash
  • chop
  • separate
  • bake
  • grill

any and all foods that you got with the exception of things that won’t keep well. Also, make all this so easy with this chopper.  It saves me soo much time!

Make it kid friendly

*I should mention that our kids eat what we eat unless they can’t because of age or allergy*

We have a 2 year old and 10 month old at home.  Those ages do come with some adjustments to the menu.

For smaller kids you will want to pre chop/peel foods that need to be cut up at meal times: grapes, sausage, peel apples, chop veggies into smaller pieces, etc.

If you are cooking with spices make a batch without spice for the kids. Adding sugar- make a batch without for the kids. Other than these few adjustments are kids will eat what we eat for the week.

Ideas for meals to prep for kids


      • Overnight oats
      • parfaits
      • homemade baby pancakes
      • smoothies (chop all ingredients-blend in the morning)
      • muffins



      • mac & cheese with veggies
      • rice, beans and turkey sausage
      • spaghetti and meatballs
      • burgers, veggies and sweet potato fries
      • veggie lasagna
      • homemade chicken nugget

And that’s it

Make enough food to get through the week like we do or just a few days.  You can use meal prep containers for whole meals or just bowl up all the foods separately.

It has completely changed the way we eat and makes our days so much simpler.


Make your life and meal prepping easier with my free meal plan organizer.  

(2) Comments

  1. This is so clever! I’ve never been a meal prepper, just a meal planner, but I like the idea of stress free meals! I don’t think I could convince my people to eat the same thing every day for a week, but it might be worth a try. I also love that you and your hubs cook together! That’s so sweet 💗

    1. lenabiggs says:

      Thank you!! I started eating all the same meals M-F when I taught. It was just easier. And it carries over when we had kids.

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