Mom styled: 3 key pieces for your wardrobe

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Sweater gifted by PinkBlush

Most of my wardrobe is yoga pants and hoodies #momlife. But every once in a while I stumble upon a piece that’s comfy AND makes me look like a have actual clothes in my wardrobe.

As a new mom (or any mom) it is so easy to get in a rut of “comfy” clothes.  Running to the store in a hoodie and yoga pants is definitely acceptable when trying to keep tiny humans alive… but here are a few tips that can help if you want to step up your wardrobe game.

Keep it simple

I don’t know about you but I do not have time to match colors, switch pieces around or dry clean things. ew! So, lately I have found a few pieces that can go with multiple things to make me look put together with little effort.

Find yourself an outfit you love and then try to find some pieces that you can rotate.

The jeans (or not)

Do yourself a favor and find a good comfortable pair of jeans.  And this is usually where I would share my jeans and where I got them… BUT jeans are not a one brand kinda thing.  We all have our brand, place and style for jeans so I won’t touch on that.

If jeans are not your thing then find a nice looking pair of leggings and rock those.

The shoes

I wear my gym shoes often but when I want to look put together I channel my inner 80’s and rock my Keds.
Not only are they cute but they are quick to slip on and pull any jeans and top together. They come in a million styles and last FOREVER!

These gray ones I pair with jeans, skirts and dresses too.  They’re just so cute!


The top

Now it’s winter here in Cincinnati and If you’re like me the cold IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.  Which is why I am in love with this Navy Blue Striped Soft Knit Sweater that PinkBlush was kind enough to gift me.  It is so soft and flattering. I normally don’t buy bulky sweater because who wants to look like a round snowman but this one is the perfect amount of slightly over sized, comfy but flattering when paired with some skinny high waisted jeans.

The best thing is all of these pieces can be thrown together with a messy bun and you will still look stylish.  Even if you did just run out of the house with a screaming toddler covered in graham cracker on your hip.

What are your go to pieces? Share them below for some mom-spiration.




Photos by Trevor Biggs

Location: Urbana Cafe Cincinnati, Ohio

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