A Stay at Home Mom Schedule

Since the year is still shiny and new, I have been thinking of thing I would like to improve in my day to day life.  If you follow me on Instagram then you know that one of my goals is to give myself more credit when I deserve it. But I also wanted to make the goal of using my time intentionally.  I want a better schedule for getting things done around the house so that I can enjoy time with my family more often.

My Stay at Home Mom Schedule

My goal was to write a schedule for things that I need to get done day to day and stick with it.

Often times I find myself running around at 9pm doing laundry, dishes, or stressing that I didn’t vacuum before the kids went to bed. So, I decided to write a schedule to follow and be intentional with the time that I have during the day to get things around the house done.

This is how I wrote mine out.  Taking only one or two big task a day and then of course my daily check list.

Getting Started

To get started think of all the things around the house you would like to get done.
Make a list of very general ideas first:

  • vacuum x3 week (I have 2 big dogs and toddlers.. yes I vacuum a lot!)
  • clean living room
  • clean kitchen
  • laundry (you can break this down further if you’d like: whites, darks , etc.)
  • strip beds
  • clean bathroom
  • tiddy up (yes tiddy up, I speak like an old woman)
  • make the bed(s)
  • meal prep/write grocery list
  • grocery shop
  • take trash out

After you have listed bigger items to get done, think of the days of the week.

When do you have the most time, is there a day you want to have free, are there days where you work and can’t complete anything?  Once you have narrowed down that you can start to write your outline.

Each Day

Each day make a Daily to do and a Day specific chore to complete.
What do you need to do everyday?

My Daily to do list looked like this:

  • Make bed(s)
  • Do 1 load of laundry
  • Do dishes-load dishwasher
  • Tiddy living room x2 daily

Every single day these four things need to be done.
Then look back at your list and pick a day to complete one or two general things E.g.

Monday: bathroom and vacuum
Tuesday: strip beds and clean living room
so on and so forth until all the general item on your list are checked off.  Next, look at each day and get more specific with your list.

The Specifics

Look at each chore and write exactly what you would like to accomplish for each item.

  • clean toilet
  • wipe counter
  • sweep floor
  • clean tub
  • clean mirror
  • change air freshener


  • living room
  • bedrooms

Make your schedule

This is what my schedule looks like.

I have my daily list at the top and each day has my big to do’s. I set aside a block of time in my day to accomplish my list for that day. This is what will help me get things done and be intentional with each project. Do what works for you!

Instead of walking into a room and forgetting why I went in there (any one else do what or is it just me lol) I can look at this schedule and know what I need to accomplish that day. This is also a huge help if you have a spouse who is always asking, “How can I help?” or “What needs to be done?”
‘Well, babe check the schedule.’ 

Hopefully, this will help you make a schedule of your own to make each day productive and intentional.

Let me know below if you made one of your own and how it is working!!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I was too lazy to come up with my own list, but just following yours and my cleaning game has improved so much. Thank you!

    1. lenabiggs says:

      Aw I’m so glad!!!

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