Eco friendly Easter baskets

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Easter- no matter what you believe you probably at the very least give baskets. Growing up we always got baskets with so much candy, the occasional stuffed animal and little toys. Being a new parent means navigating holidays. What will your traditions be? Will you do what you grew up with? Will you make your own? It can be overwhelming. What I did know is this year I wanted to be more eco friendly with our traditions.

I got to thinking.. for Christmas we have stockings we use every year, so why couldn’t we do the same with Easter. Instead of buying new baskets, filled with candy and plastic why not buy a basket to use year after year?

Greener” Easter Baskets

I try to be as green as I can be. We use reusable bags, reusable straws, we recycle so why not let that carry over into the holidays?  A few simple swaps and you too can make a festive greener Easter basket.

The Basket

Instead of a plastic pail or even a flimsy wicker basket consider buying a good quality basket. I bought two at Home Goods for about $7 a piece. After Easter I will tuck them away until next year (just like I do with any other holiday decorations). You could be even more green and up cycle baskets you have around the house or find one at a garage sale.

This would eliminate using plastic or throwing away a cheap basket after only one use.

Better Fillers

But why stop with the basket?

The pretty grass and the Easter eggs that you use are plasticWhich is why I was SO EXCITED to find this brand of Eco Eggs and Eco Grass to share with you!

The grass is made from 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable It comes in 3 vibrant colors yellow, green and pink.  It’s just as pretty looking as the plastic fillers you have always used but better for the environment.

But what about the eggs?  Don’t worry I have a solution for that too.  This company also makes eggs!  Awesome right?! The eggs are made from 100% renewable content! (But if you are like me and plan to reuse them again anyways it’s a win win).  They look and feel just like Easter eggs that you have used in the past. They come in pretty pastel colors and are very sturdy.

So, now you have the basket, frilly grass and eggs- none which are plastic (air high five)! Pretty sweet huh? But if you know me I’m not stopping there.

The fun stuff

It amazes me how much stuff there is just to fill Easter baskets for 1 day! The entire dollar section of Target was packed with tiny toys (mostly plastic) that would be forgotten by the end of Easter weekend.  So, I sat down and tried to think of fun items that would also be “greener,” options for my boys’ Easter baskets.

Here is the list I came up with:

and …. of course candy. But you could even go greener there by buying candy that comes in bulk and is not individually wrapped to cut down on waste. 

So, there you have it.  A few super simple swaps you could make and your kids Easter baskets could be much more eco friendly without losing any of the fun.

Will you be going “green” for Easter?  Let me know below.

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Toddler DIY Wrapping Paper

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Finding ways to include a 1.5 years old in the holidays has been challenging. So many traditions he just isn’t old enough for or doesn’t understand like Santa, Elf on the shelf, baking cookies, etc. but I wanted to find something fun to do with him.

That’s when I decided to DIY our wrapping paper with his help. Every year we wrap our presents in butcher paper and I find new fun ways to personalize it. Some years I tie twine around each present, decorate each present with each persons name or use sharpies to draw right on the paper. So, to include Killian this year I’m having him DIY it for me.


🖍A roll of brown butcher paper
🖍Crayons (I used the jumbo Crayola crayons for our little guy)
🖍A creative tiny human

Find an open space. Unroll a large area of your paper. Set your tiny human on the paper with crayons and let them go to town. As they fill up an area roll the paper from that end to create a scroll. This way you can keep the decorated side from the unused side.

Days of Fun

The nice thing is this will give you and your toddler days of fun! It will probably will take a few sessions for your toddler to color on the whole roll of paper. Once they do color on all the paper just use like normal wrapping paper.

Family and friends will love the personalized touch, your toddler will be a huge part of the gift giving tradition and it will definitely be unique. 

What traditions do you have that are toddler friendly? 

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Why We Chose to Go With 4 Presents for Christmas

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Last Christmas was our first Christmas with a baby.  When the conversation of Christmas came up we had to decide what traditions were going to adapt as a family.  It was exciting to pick what we wanted to do.  Things I knew I didn’t want:

  • to spend a bunch of money
  • to raise spoiled children
  • to have a house full of toys

That’s when I went looking for a tradition that didn’t involve aimlessly shopping for a crap ton of toys and I found The 4 Gift Tradition.

What is the 4 gift tradition?

If you have never heard of the tradition it goes like this- each kid gets 4 presents each one falls under a specific category.

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read


I love that this tradition covers the difference between want and need.  It’s such a good lesson and I really like the idea of teaching it so young.

So this category is what you think of when you think of a Christmas present. This is the present that would be used as their “big present.’ What is that thing they have been wanting all year or would love to get.  Both of our babies are still under 2 so we picked this present for them but if you have toddlers here are some ideas of things they may want.

If you need more GREAT gift ideas visit the queen of all things tiny human toy related: Two n Tow & On the Go


This is where you can get your kids really thinking about what they need to have.

Some ideas could be:

  • equipment for a sport (new glove, a bat, skates)
  • something for school (a backpack, new organizer)
  • do they need to replace something that is broken or outdated?
  • supplies for a hobby they have (scrapbook paper, new headphones)


One of our presents to our kiddos is either a new outfit or something they can wear. This category is kinda open ended.  You can customize it for each kid or make a rule for all your kids.

Whether it’s:

  • shoes
  • new coats
  • outfits
  • something they’ve had their eye on to wear

it’s completely up to you. 


Ahhhhhh… my favorite category as an educator, books!  You can change this up for whatever age child you have.  For older kids I love the idea of having them writing down books they WANT to read.  It’s a great way to make reading fun for kids.

For smaller kids like mine, we buy them an assortment of books to start exploring. This year we opted for cloth books that both our 19 month old and 2 month old could enjoy together, were soft enough to play with around the baby, and were durable enough to last.

Here are the ones were went with. I love the idea of making reading a gift to my kids!

Over all…

Christmas is about family and tradition.  You can use this system and make it work for your family.  We do these four gifts but we also added a gift for the kids to share and we still do stockings as well.

This tradition works for us because it keeps the holidays simple.  Using the 4 gift tradition keeps Christmas about family and not JUST about gifts.  I want my kids to understand that we are not made of money and that presents are great but wants and needs are separate things.

Buying 4 presents will make each one special and Christmas morning will be more than just a free for all of wrapping paper.  My house won’t be turned into a giant toy box of toys that will be forgotten by January 1st. My hope is that this tradition will make the holidays fun, will teach my kids to appreciate what they have and will keep us from being wasteful and buying things we don’t need.

So, what do you think, will the 4 gift tradition be something your family will do?

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