Toddler Trail Mix

Raise your hand if you are all about quick, easy, mess free snacks? I’m hoping that’s you since you clicked this post if not this is awkward… but anywho if it is you then look no further than my super easy, somewhat healthy toddler trail mix.

I’m always looking for healthy quick snacks to grab for my toddler. And those snacks need to be mess free. Because if you have a toddler you know they can ruin an outfit with basically any food you give them, am I right? So, I set out to find a trail mix for my toddler. The problem I ran into was that a lot of the recipes I found had sugary cereals, fruit snacks, marshmallows, all kinds of things that my son eats on occasion but I don’t want him eating all week for snack time.

This is where the toddler trail mix tiny human newbie addition came to be. I took my sons favorite snacks and tried to come up with the driest, cleanest ingredients I could and this is what I came up with.

Super simple recipe:

This is a simple little mix but my toddler really likes it.  You could customize any of the ingredients to your little one.


Mini chocolate chips → butterscotch chips, yogurt bites

Peanuts → any other type of nut or seeds if your little on can’t have nuts

Dried banana chips → dried cranberries, dried blueberries or raisin

Cheerios → pretzels, popcorn, crackers

This has become a staple snack for on the go or a quick grab when we are short on time. Hopefully, your little one enjoys it as much as mine.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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  1. Oh man! This sounds like a delicious combo! I want to make it all for me. If they kids don’t know, I don’t have to share… right?

    1. lenabiggs says:

      I’m glad you think it sounds good! And you can definitely make a mom batch and hide it so when they eat all theirs you still have a snack☺️

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