5 Benefits of Making Your Own Baby Food

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5 Benefits of Making Your Own Baby Food

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When your baby is first born there are so many decisions to make and normally mommies have those in stone when their baby is born. And I don’t know about you but I didn’t consider the decisions that would come later… when baby is a little older.  One of those decisions to make is will you make your baby’s food or buy it.  So, here it is, the top 5 benefits of making your own baby food ( in my personal opinion.)

1. It’s EASY Make Your Own Baby Food!

Now, I know what you’re are thinking.. “This lady is crazy! How is cooking food easier than buying it at the store?!” I am not going to lie grabbing food off the shelf at the grocery has it’s appeal BUT here me out, making your own baby food can be EASY.

Each month I take one Sunday afternoon and I food prep for my little guy.  My husband and I food prep our own meals once a week but tiny human food makes more so I opt to prep once a month.  I sit down and think about foods I would like my baby to try this month, foods he liked last month and come up with a easy, yummy menu. (Want to know more about that process ?)) Thinking of what I want to cook brings us to our second benefit of making your own baby food…

2. Knowledge is  POWER

As a new mommy there is so much to learn and read about and if you are like me then you. read. everything! So, why add the back of a baby food jars to the list?  When you make your baby’s food you KNOW what is in their food.   You know that all the fruits, veggies, meats and spices are fresh and good for your little one.  I think about it like this, do you eat out containers or out of a bag everyday?  Then why should you’re little one?

3. Make it Your own

Your little one is the most important thing to you now, so why not make food that it made just for them. When I went to the grocery and looked at the baby food selection it was impressive but there are still only so many combinations on the shelves.

You know your baby best.  Why not make food customized for them?  Maybe your little guy or gal LOVES sweet potatoes (like mine) think of all the combinations you could do with their favorite food?!

  • sweet potatoes and apple
  • sweet potato and white bean
  • red pepper and sweet potato

The list goes on and on…

If you go to the store you might be limited to maybe two opinions.  But at home the options are endless!

4. Make it in Bulk

When you make your baby’s food at home you can make it in large amounts.  This is why I take one whole day a month and prep.  I can take my ingredients and make many combinations and store them for when I need them in bulk.

I use the fabulous Baby Blender set but there are all kinds of options!

The Baby Brezza that the wonderful moms over at ThinkBaby.org use is another great option.  Both options make things SUPER simple you can make a whole pound of chicken and make 3-4 different baby foods e.g. chicken and carrots, chicken and green beans, or chicken, peas and sweet potatoes. By using an ingredients that crosses recipes you can save money and it makes prepping even easier!

5. It’s CHEAPER to Make Your Own Baby Food

Mamas!  Raise your hand if you like to save money.  I do! When I decided to stay home we had to look at our spending and make some changes.  Eating out less often was the first change we made.  It was healthier to make our food at home and cheaper.

It was no different when our son started solids.  I went to the grocery and stood in the isle in disbelief for how much a single jar of baby food cost.  On a week where they run a sale, the store brand, non organic is roughly $1 a jar ( or 10/$10).  Not too bad right? Well… my son at 8 months eats a minimum of three servings a day.

Math time!  $3 a day multiplied by 7 days.. $21 a week multiplied by 4 weeks in a month… $84 a MONTH in baby food! MINIMUM! Sometimes he eats more than that!  That’s on top of diapers, formula, wipes, toys, clothes, ETC.! I just couldn’t accept that I would spend almost $100 a month on solids. How much does it cost me to make my own food you ask…? Once a month I can spend around $40 a month! $40! That’s a savings of 50%!!!!!  So for one Sunday afternoon of your time you are saving over $40 a month.  That’s a whole tank of gas.

There are so many other wonderful reasons to make your own baby food and these are just a few.  Myself and other mamas like the moms at ThinkBaby.org love making our own food, including our husbands in the process and having fun with making our own baby food combinations!

So, hopefully if you were thinking about making your own food this list of benefits helped.  And if you weren’t thinking about it and just stumbled upon this post hopefully you are considering it now.

Have you considered making your own baby food before?  If you have leave me a comment below, I would love to hear your favorite recipe or food combination.

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