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When it comes to holidays where gifts are given we are quality over quantity. We put thought it to how our children will use said gift and how long this gift will last.  Last as in quality of the gift but also how long will it hold their attention. For Christmas we do a 4 gift rule (which you can read all about here) and for birthdays we have decided to do 1 present.

This year our toddler turned 2 in May. We wanted a gift that would be great for summer but also would hold attention past summer.  At the time he was obsessed with water, so I was toying with the idea of a water table. But a water table only is good for summer and I would have to store it away which I AM NOT A FAN OF.

All of that lead me to the gift we gave and are so glad we did!

Who doesn’t love multi-purpose toys

I absolutely love toys that can do more than one thing and can capture my toddler’s attention in more than one way.

So, finding a “3-1” water table was like the holy grail!!


This water table can hang out all year through all the seasons and makes a great addition to any playroom. It comes with

  • the table,
  • two chairs,
  • 25 jumbo blocks
  • and two plugs for the water table.

Here are all the ways to use this water table and all that comes with it. 

1. As a water table, duh

Okay, so you may have guessed that you can use this water table for water… yep, that’s true. This table comes with a table that has a hole in the middle and 2 stoppers to fill it with water.

We have used this table to:

  • cool off and splash around
  • practice pouring
  • and have added sea creatures for even more fun!

The table comes with two stoppers, a clear flat piece and a tall tube.  Both can stop up the middle of the table but if you have a toddler the clear one is nice because it’s harder for them to pull out haha.  My toddler parents know what I’m talkin’ bout!



2. A block table

This table comes with 25 jumbo blocks and one side of the table has the block top. My 2 year old is starting to figure out how to push the blocks into the grooves and he loves it! We already had some blocks and they also fit on the table which was a win-win. I love that this table is a great height for my toddler and his little brother (10 months) to play at.


3. Writing, reading, puzzles… okay a normal table

It may seem obvious but you can flip the top over and it’s a smooth surface making it a basic table.  Every toddler needs a table that is their size and I love that this is that table plus even more.  I love having multipurpose furniture to save money but more importantly space.

My oldest loves to eat his snack at his table and do his puzzles there as well.

Bonus usage

3-1 meaning a table top, block top and water table but here are a few more things you can do with it.

Sensory play!  If you read my post on sensory bin then you know we love to get messy and explore all kinds of textures. We use our plastic bin quit often but we have also used this table.  All you have to do is use one of the plugs and fill the table with whatever you’d like

The inside of the table is meant for water but we do a lot of sensory play and this is perfect for that too.

You could fill the table with:

  • Rice
  • Flour
  • Water beads
  • anything really as long as it will fall out when you unplug the table.

And… storage-  When the table is not being used for water we store monster trucks in it.  It’s the perfect place for my toddler to throw his most used toys to keep them up and out of the way.

So, yeah it’s the bees knees and if you are looking for a gift for your child this is a great choice.  Multipurpose, toddler friendly and mom approved!

Wanna snag your kiddo one?  Look no further!

3-1 Kid’s activity table

Did you decide to get your own?  Let me know below!!

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