Hi, I’m Lena from Tinyhumannewbie.com

I am a mom to two beautiful baby boys and a wife to an amazing husband.

When I was in college I never dreamed I would be staying at home with a baby.  But after 3 years of teaching in the public school system, after our first baby boy arrived I just couldn’t bring myself to go back.

Staying home..

I was totally out of my element those first couple of weeks  okay… months I was at home.  I knew I had to do something that would give me a sense of purpose.  I wanted to do something from home that would let me help others (which I desperately missed from being in the classroom).

So, here I am.

I want this blog to be an extension of myself.  I want to use this blog to help other mamas (and dads) to see that everyone has a learning curve as a newbie parent of tiny humans.   I hope this will be a place where newbie parents can ask questions. share ideas and build each other up as we go on this amazing adventure together.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope to hear from you soon!

Lots of Love,




Photo credits to the wonderful Emily Fenn for the beautiful pictures throughout my blog.