Parents can function without sleep

12:55am (insert the narrator of sponge-bob here)

Day 3 of “sleep training.” I feel like it’s more accurately “parents can function without sleep” training.

This worked with our oldest or maybe that’s just a super cut of what I remember happening. Who knows. At any rate at 1am I’m ready to sleep and if I’m being honest, I just want to cuddle up with my baby, snuggle and throw this whole plan out the window. In the light of day I’m all about him learning to sleep through the night and on his own. Once the sunsets, I miss my baby.

I want to cuddle him all day and night. Even if that means 4 hours of interrupted sleep. Hell, my mom emotions got me like he can sleep in bed with us forever. I don’t give an F!

Uhhhhhhh. Mom emotions are hard. You want them to grow up and stay little. You want freedom and cuddles. Time alone but never wanting them to be away.

I think if he sleeps through the night and I get a taste of sweet, sweet sleep I’ll remember what all this is for. But at 1:02am I’m caving fast…

We’ll see what morning brings. Fingers crossed.

One week and a few long stretches of sleep later.. I remember why babies have cribs.  It is nice to stretch out and sleep in my own bed just my husband and I.

Although I know my baby is growing up and that makes me sad… sleep makes me happy… very, very happy.




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  1. Sleep training is hard! Moving them to their own room and basically retraining yourself to sleep without a baby in the room is weird and hard! It’s liberating but so bittersweet.

    Parenting is full of ALL the emotions.

    1. lenabiggs says:

      It has been weird to sleep alone but his crib is in our room so we have become very good ninjas

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