The perfect dress for tall girls: a review of PinkBlush

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Raise your hand if you are over 5’8″… now raise your hand if you loveee buying maxi dresses? I’m assuming not many of you.  As a tall girl myself I can make these predictions because I feel your pain.  You fall in love with the perfect maxi dress and then in the dressing room you realize-

It’s 2 inches short! (bum bum BUMMMM)

every. freaking. time.

Well, fear not fellow tall ladies, I’ve got your back and I found the perfect maxi dress for us! PinkBlush gifted me this dress in return for my honest review/opinion of the piece and it is every tall girls dream. I was also so excited because it has a button on the bust area which would make it great for women who are breastfeeding.

So, on to the pro/con list here is what I thought overall on their Black Striped V Neck Front Tie Maxi. (all opinions are my own and honestread more herePros:

  • at the top of the list is length!  I’m 5’9″ and this dress more than brushes the tops of my feet (insert happy dance here)
  • the print is beautiful
  • the front tie makes this a flattering piece even for those of us with a little bit of a mom tummy
  • the detail on the straps are a nice touch
  • it’s casual enough for everyday but could easily be dressed up for evening or an event
  • it has a front button on the bust area-great for breastfeeding
  • it’s very flow-y (twirl approved)


                    • it’s a bit see through so a slip or nude underwear are required
                    • although there is a button on the bust and I sized up for my breastfeeding “ladies” it still fits a bit awkward on me
                    • the button won’t stay buttoned because of the size of my bust

Overall, I really love this dress.  It is a great addition to my closet for casual and formal occasions alike.  I wish that the bust area was a bit roomier for us big chested girls.  Hopefully, once I am done nursing it will fit even better. The twirl factor is enough to make anyone feel pretty.

About the fit:

I am 5′ 9″, a size 12 and I am wearing a Large.  It is a little big but because I am nursing I had to size up. As I pointed out in the whole post this dress has length.  It is very long so for my non-tall ladies keep that in mind.

I paired it with some simple sandals. For date night I’m excited to pair this with a jean jacket.  For a more formal event I could wear a nice cardigan.  This dress is a must for your closet!

Always check back for more styles from me, an average mom, with an average closet.

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