The Best Diaper Bag


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The Best Diaper Bag (In my opinion)

Like most new moms when I found out I was pregnant I went into research mode.  Most moms do that right. . . okay so maybe not all moms are crazy like me and research everything.  But I do and boy did I research diaper bags.  I wasn’t super picky about what I wanted.  My check list was as follows: gender neutral (yes we were those crazy parents who didn’t find out the sex) daddy approved, not to backpacky, lots of storage, something that would keep things organized, oh and DIDN’T cost an arm and a leg.  So, I set out on my journey to find the PERFECT diaper bag and nothing less.  And like most moms I hopped on Pintrest, where else, am I right?  I found so many bag that I LOVED! and every. single. one cost an ARM and a LEG.  I was getting really discouraged I wouldn’t find a bag I actually liked and that I would have to settle on one that, ‘would just do.’

Until. . .

I decided to check amazon ( the next best thing to Pintrest).

After clicking through some other bags I stumbled upon the bag for us……

Diaper Dudes Convertible Backpack

I went through my check list to see how it measured up.

Gender Neutral

(update:  They did away with the color we have 🙁 but they came out with a really nice brown neutral color) This bag comes in a really cool textured dark grey color.  It would look really cute for a boy or a girl (boy in our case).  This was something I had struggled finding in other bags.  I always felt pressured to pick between bright girl colors or boring boy colors.  It was a relief to find a bag that came in a nice neutral color.

Not to ‘Backpacky’

One of my favorite features of this bag is that you can wear it as a back pack OR a messenger bag.  To convert from one style to the next you simple have to run it through the silver ring in the middle.  This was a huge selling point for me.  I knew having a diaper bag I could wear on my back would come in handy but I didn’t like the look a diaper bag that looked like my first day of kindergarten.  Wearing it as a messenger bag has come in handy when I have my son in his baby carrier and I’m out alone.  All I have to do is load him up and then cross the bag over my body or wear it like a purse.

Daddy Approved

It was really important to me that my husband didn’t have to carry around a diaper bag that looked like a purse or a mom bag.  He didn’t care either way but I wanted to make sure if he was out alone it looked masculine enough.  The proof is in the name “Diaper Dude.” This bag looks great on my husband as a backpack and messenger bag.  It’s not too masculine or feminine.  So moms and dads can carry it and feel comfortable.

Lots of Storage and Organization

Organization is key as a mom.  OR at least trying to be when we can.  This bag has lots of pockets and places for specific items.  Take a look…


All Limbs in Tact

This bag is so amazing but the price was even better, for less money than a date we had found an amazing diaper bag.  No arms and legs were sold to carry our tiny humans belongs around with us.

My son is now 9 months old and this bag has held up amazingly.  There is so much space for everything we have needed through all the stages of tiny human-hood .

So there you have it the BEST diaper bag out there.

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