Toddler DIY Wrapping Paper

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Finding ways to include a 1.5 years old in the holidays has been challenging. So many traditions he just isn’t old enough for or doesn’t understand like Santa, Elf on the shelf, baking cookies, etc. but I wanted to find something fun to do with him.

That’s when I decided to DIY our wrapping paper with his help. Every year we wrap our presents in butcher paper and I find new fun ways to personalize it. Some years I tie twine around each present, decorate each present with each persons name or use sharpies to draw right on the paper. So, to include Killian this year I’m having him DIY it for me.


🖍A roll of brown butcher paper
🖍Crayons (I used the jumbo Crayola crayons for our little guy)
🖍A creative tiny human

Find an open space. Unroll a large area of your paper. Set your tiny human on the paper with crayons and let them go to town. As they fill up an area roll the paper from that end to create a scroll. This way you can keep the decorated side from the unused side.

Days of Fun

The nice thing is this will give you and your toddler days of fun! It will probably will take a few sessions for your toddler to color on the whole roll of paper. Once they do color on all the paper just use like normal wrapping paper.

Family and friends will love the personalized touch, your toddler will be a huge part of the gift giving tradition and it will definitely be unique. 

What traditions do you have that are toddler friendly? 

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